Female Turkish Names - F

Farhat: Happiness and/or delight

Fazilet: Beatiful temperament, a strong spiritual person, virtuous, virtue, good moral

Fehime: Intelligent, smart, understanding (savvy)

Ferahna: Wideness, looseness, plenty, width, abundance

Feray: The shining of the moon, moonlight. Ornamental, ornament

Ferda: Tommorow

Feriha: Elated, joyful, comfortable

Ferzane: Science, intelligence

Fethiye: Relating to fethe (to conquer or conquest)

Feyza: Knowledge, science, wisdom, abundance, plenty, successful, prosperous, happy

Fıtnat(Fitnat): Openness of the mind

Fikriye: Relating about thought(s) and idea(s)

Filiz: Young shoot, sprout; bud; tendril

Firuze: Precious stone, turquoise

Fulya: Name of a flower, a flower

Funda: Heather, heath not health, (a small) shrub

Füreyya: Bright. Glimmery, bright, shiny, 'sunny' days

Füruzan: Shining, bright 

Country of Origin: Turkey

Group: Guardian Dogs (United Kennel Club).

Use today: Guardian, national dog of Turkey

Life Span: 12 to 15 years

Color: Cream to light tan to gray in a sable pattern with a black mask.

Coat: Short double coat, neither wavy nor fluffy.

Grooming: Brush weekly.

Height: 28 to 30 inches for females and 30 to 32 inches for males.

Weight: 90 to 110 pounds for females and 110 to 145 pounds for males. 

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