Female Turkish Names - D

Dal: Branch, bough

Damla: Drip, dribble, etc

Defne: Plant (Laurel)

Demet: Bunch, bouquet (of flowers)

Deniz: The Sea

Derin: Deep; profound

Derya: Large sea

Deryace: Small sea, lake

Devinsu: The rhythmic movements or motion of water, stream

Dibace: Beginning, preface

Didar: Good-looking woman

Dilara: Lover

Dildade: Madly in love, passionately in love, lovesick

Dilek: Wish, desire

Dirim: Life

Doğa: Nature

Doğannur: The beaming of light, luminous

Doğu: East, the sun's rising location

Dolunay: Full moon

Doruk: Summit, peaks; a mountain, a hill, it's highest point

Duhter: Daughter

Durşen: Cheerful, happy

Duru: Clear, clean

Durugül: A person who stays clean as a rose and is as beautiful as it (the flower)

Durusu: Clear, clean water

Duygu: Feelings, emotion

Dürdane: Pearl grain. Beloved, dear, darling, sweetheart

Dürefşan: Speaking as a pearl

Dürre: Pearl pieces
Country of Origin: Turkey

Group: Guardian Dogs (United Kennel Club).

Use today: Guardian, national dog of Turkey

Life Span: 12 to 15 years

Color: Cream to light tan to gray in a sable pattern with a black mask.

Coat: Short double coat, neither wavy nor fluffy.

Grooming: Brush weekly.

Height: 28 to 30 inches for females and 30 to 32 inches for males.

Weight: 90 to 110 pounds for females and 110 to 145 pounds for males. 

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