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God made vs. man made
Why a "beer" shampoo?

Ironically, many of the ingredients that are used in brewing beer are in turn, incredibly healthy and nourishing to our hair.  I've made several shampoo bar formulas and it wasn't until I started making the beer shampoo bars that customers have sworn off commercial products forever.

Beer is high in minerals and the high volume of vitamin B add shine and moisture to the hair.  One of beer's key ingredients, hops, is the source for much of the benefit that beer brings to a shampoo bar.  The richness of the amino acids contained in beer coat and help repair damaged hair.  The proteins and vitamins in beer nourish and strengthen the hair and cause it to be fuller, adding body and volume without chemical additatives.  The hops (specifically) and yeast that are used in the brewing formulas are amazing for scalps that are dry and need moisturizing without being an oil. In short, beer is ironically a natural "vitamin capsule" for the hair and scalp, naturally imparting its conditioning properties.

We recently have started working with the brewmaster and owner of a popular local brewery, Fannin Brewing Company, using his unique recipes for beers in each of our beer shampoo bars.  Tom has travelled extensively throughout Germany and chose Fannin County, Georgia to brew his beers because, "fresh air and fresh water make for fresh beer".  The water he uses is from our pristine Lake Blue Ridge, fed by the Toccoa River, a beautiful river with absolutely no industry. He sources many of his ingredient locally, like Sourwood Honey that is used in his "Hive Kicker" beer, a world renown unique honey found only in southern Appalachia (our bees strike "gold" every June and July when they haul in huge amounts of Sourwood Honey).  

Our shampoo bars are either left unscented (the individual beer formulas illicit a natural, sweet aroma from the hops), or scented with essential oils like rosemary and peppermint, lavender and orange and a variety of other combinations.

Some people are a little confused about how to use a "shampoo bar" so here are a few suggestions that will get you well on your way to falling in love with them like we have.  When you are ready to shampoo your hair, wet it and also the shampoo bar.  Rub the shampoo bar all around your scalp and you will find that an explosion of thick, rich lather begins to emerge.  For those that have long hair, just take the bar and run it down the strands once or twice and then scrub the hair and scalp normally.  As you rinse the lather out of your hair you will feel the soft oils moisturizing the strands of hair as it is rinsed off.  When I first started using shampoo bars I quickly discovered where "squeaky clean" was coined from.  You can use a conditioner but it isn't mandatory.

A few important facts to know:

First, when someone first transitions from commercial shampoos to our shampoo bars, occasionally (not often) there is a "detox" period that can last from a couple of days to a week or so.  I think mine lasted 1 day.  My hair must have been in shock at not being saturated with surfactants/detergents/chemicals and didn't know how to act.  By the second day everything fell into place and my hair has never felt softer.  The first week or so I began to notice something that stunned me.  When I used the commercial shampoos I always had strands of hair that would "naturally" fall out in my hands as I rinsed.  Sometimes there would be alot of strands, sometimes not as much, but there was always a certain amount each day.  When I started using the shampoo bars that amount went down to nearly 0.  I was shocked and while I am not a chemist who can disseminate the facts of what ingredients in commercial shampoos caused that but I can say that REAL shampoo made the old fashioned way, stopped it.

Secondly, because the shampoo bars are "real" soap, they require a few things:

1.  Do not keep it in the direct stream of water.  There are no chemical additives so real soap will begin to melt over time if exposed to a constant source of water.

2.  Real soap needs to try out inbetween uses.  Leaving it in a puddle of water will cause the above to happen, so putting it in a place where it can naturally dry will extend the life of the soap bar.

We invite you to try our beer shampoo bars.  I'm willing to bet you'll be like the others who have sworn off commercial products forever.


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