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God made vs. man made
The above is a comparison on what some soapmakers do to make their bars "perfect".  They bevel and shave the sides of the soap to make them look smooth and to remove the original, natural first cuts of the soap bars from the logs.

I've thought about 'cleaning' the soap bars up but I found myself dreading the time it would take to do each bar individually.  More importantly, I became curious to see how much soap would be lost in that cleaning up process.  

I took two bars from the same batch of soap, weighed them and then shaved the sides of one bar to give it that finished look.  I was surprised by how much soap was removed from the bar and when I weighed it I found that almost a half ounce of soap had been removed from that bar.  Now I don't know about you but when I buy something, I'd like to get the most for my money and it seems ridiculous to shave the soaps and have the consumers lose out in an attempt to make the bar of soap look "perfect".

Most of us that appreciate hand crafted products do so because they are not cookie cutter/perfect specimens of that product.  Each piece reflects the artistry that went into it through someone elses hands.

You can say that I made an executive decision and decided that my bars would remain beautiful and natural, and a little more rustic looking upon opening because I find it ludicrous to waste all that good soap in the shavings.  I might bevel the edges at times but I promise you, the loss will be less than 1 gram lol.
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