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God made vs. man made

When Fall comes around here in the mountains one of the biggest festivals up here is the annual Apple Festival.  People flock here from all over to pick by hand, fresh apples from the trees in the orchards, sip apple cider and experience the mountains.

As the weather turns cooler and the nights even cooler yet I begin to start fires in our cast iron wood stove.  I love the warmth of a real fire, especially in these cast iron stoves...the heat just radiates from the iron for hours.  Heating a home this way tends to dry everything out so I always get my cast iron pot and fill it up with water.  I grab a fresh apple and quarter it, throwing it and 2 fresh cinnamon sticks in too.  As the wood stove heats up the iron pot the water inside begins to simmer.  The apples begin to release their fragrance, tinged with notes of cinnamon and fills the entire house.

This fragrance reminds me of the 'real thang'.
Warm Apple Cider
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