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24 Carrot Gold
Why a carrot juice soap?  Well, we all know that carrots are very healthy for us when we eat them, full of vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants.  Not everyone likes to eat carrots however so I thought that juicing organic carrots and using the carrot juice instead of water in this soap would bring gentle, lovely things.

The first time I made this soap I felt like a mad scientist...the juicer was on the counter and the organic carrots lay freshly washed in the sink.  As I juiced the carrots I could not believe the brilliant reddish orange color that poured out in the juice.  Being a root vegetable and grown underground, the earthy, sweet aroma from the freshly juiced carrots filled the kitchen.

I wanted to mirror how a carrot really looked so I made the soap with 90% of it being naturally colored orange by the carrot juice. I added heavy cream from our Jersey cow and I took a small portion of the remaining batter and mixed in a beautiful green oxide to color that soap portion green.  I used a beautiful combination of orange and litsea cubeba essential oils in the batch and after 24 hours when I unmolded it, the aroma was divine.

I wasn't however, too crazy about my artistic endeavors lol.  It looked like a carrot and smelled like an orange and something was still missing.

One day I decided to remake my original carrot juice soap but this time I didn't add any additional color.  I put in the standard Jersey cow heavy cream along with some of my Sourwood honey from our bee hives.  Our base soap recipe with Avocado, Sweet Almond Oils and Shea Butter kept the soap at the luxurious level that I've come to love.  I used Sweet Orange essential oil along with some Litsea Cubeba and Clary Sage EO's too.  I couldn't help myself and just had to give it some final touches and sprinkled some 24K gold mica on top.

An hour after I had poured the soap a friend stopped by.  When she saw the soap in the mold she immediately stated she wanted to buy some.  I explained to her that I had just made it lol and that it would be a month before it would be ready to use.  Her response was to tell me that she wanted it now to which I replied, "sowwy". lol

Little did either of us realize that this carrot soap would not only look stunning, it feels stunning on the skin.  It's full of moisturizing properties without any greasiness and leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft.

I'm getting low on this batch of 24 Carrot Gold soap and will be making some more next week but it's a formula that is here to's just that special.
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