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Everyone is different, but I've always enjoyed naming my dogs Turkish names that have meaning to me.  Each of my Kangals has a formal Turkish name, and many times they have simple 'call' names that we use on a daily basis...kind of like how we are with our children.  The children have a first, middle and last name, yet we tend to call them by an abbreviated form of their complete name.

While I have been on a search looking for the "perfect" name for my little girl that is flying from Turkey to my farm, I began to think it might be nice if I compile a list of male and female Turkish names, with their meaning beside them.  I know over the years that I've spent an inordinate amount of time day dreaming about the name I would pick for my newest addition.  Sometimes I will pick one word for their name...sometimes I do a combination of words that will reflect what they mean to me.

The following list is by no means the only Turkish names available, but it's a glimpse into the richness of the Turkish language.  This is a work in progress that I just began so it will take me a little while to add all the names.
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What's In A Name?
Turkish Male Names

Turkish Female Names

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