Country of Origin: Turkey

Group: Guardian Dogs (United Kennel Club).

Use today: Guardian, national dog of Turkey

Life Span: 12 to 15 years

Color: Cream to light tan to gray in a sable pattern with a black mask.

Coat: Short double coat, neither wavy nor fluffy.

Grooming: Brush weekly.

Height: 28 to 30 inches for females and 30 to 32 inches for males.

Weight: 90 to 110 pounds for females and 110 to 145 pounds for males. 

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Misty Acres Canan Safak Duman Dozer - (Very Good Hips) Ejder II - Best Young Dog at Kangal Festival in 2001 Ejder  
Ceylan Sisman's Duman I - Bred by Abhurrahmann Sisman in Kangal  
Filiz - Bred by Turhan Kangal. Owned by Ahmet Gokay in Kangal Ballak - Bred By Turhan Kangal
Cali Filiz - Bred By Turhan Kangal. Owned by Ahmet Gokay in Kangal
Filiz - Turkey (Very Good Hips) Bred by Turhan Kangal - Owned by Ahmet Gokay Balak - Bred by Turhan Kangal Aslan I Tarzan - The famous Tarzen from Mehmet in Kangal
Cali Filiz - Bred by Turhan Kangal. Owned by Ahmet Gokay in Kangal Kartal  
Filiz 1  
CH Yasemin of Misty Acres Efe - Sivas, Turkey (FCI Rated Very Good Hips) Ucar - Sivas, Turkey Comar - Sivas, Turkey  
Kara - Sivas, Turkey  
Yaman - Sivas, Turkey Keles - Sivas, Turkey  
Yildiz - Sivas, Turkey  
Damla - Germany (FCI Rated Very Good Hips Kahraman - Sivas, Turkey Talip - Sivas, Turkey  
Duman - Sivas, Turkey  
Laika - Sivas, Turkey Boz - Sivas, Turkey  
Sirin - Sivas, Turkey  
Misty Acres Canan (Beloved)

She is a Purebred Sivas Kangal Kopegi
Canan loves hanging out with 'the girls' heifer, cow and her baby steer.
That's my girl!  It doesn't matter where I go on the farm, she only has eyes for me.

I have to admit, that warms my heart.
Canan with the love of her life, Baghatur.  Those two act like an old married couple...they've been together since they were puppies.

She's definitely the 'alpha' between the two of them, but they are absolutely hysterical to watch when they are on alert.  Thor is now a 'grown man' and feels it's his place to protect his 'little woman' (lolol).  Canan on the other hand, knows she can handle herself and anything that threatens those she's bonded to and loves.  

Thor is very laid back and easy going and pretty much lets Canan sit on her princess throne.  Once in a while though, Canan will push one of his buttons and it's funny to watch them have a little 'marital spat'.  5 minutes later they're like newly weds again and all is well in their world.

These 2 were my first male and female Kangals.  Together, they produce some of the best Kangal puppies I've ever seen and I love them very, very much!
Canan comes from some very special lines from Turkey.  Canan's sire, Safak...and her aunt Hediye are from a very special, old, legendary and almost extinct blood lines of Kangal dogs in Kangal dating back to 1893.  

Filiz, who is Canan's granddam on her sire's side (Safak) was bred by Turhan Kangal, and is pretty much the last dog in his very old lines.  Filiz was a working dog with sheep in Turkey, owned by Ahmet Gokay until she was sold and moved to Germany at 5 years of age.

Filiz's sire is Turhan Kangal's famous Ballak and the Grandsire is the even more famous Tarzan.  Duman, Canan's grandsire on her sire's side (Safak) is a son of Ejder, who was best young dog at the festival 2001.  Duman's mother is Odaci's Ceylan a daughter of Duman I, owned by Abdurrahman Sisman in Kangal.  His father is the old Aslan who is also a festival winner.

Canan is from the very precious old lines of Turhan Kangal.  They are big strong dogs with perfect working ability and character.  
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