Country of Origin: Turkey

Group: Guardian Dogs (United Kennel Club).

Use today: Guardian, national dog of Turkey

Life Span: 12 to 15 years

Color: Cream to light tan to gray in a sable pattern with a black mask.

Coat: Short double coat, neither wavy nor fluffy.

Grooming: Brush weekly.

Height: 28 to 30 inches for females and 30 to 32 inches for males.

Weight: 90 to 110 pounds for females and 110 to 145 pounds for males. 

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Duman, sire of Hediye and grandsire of Canan
Duman, sire of Hediye, with Susan from Sweden in 2006
Filiz was bred in Kangal Turkey by Turhan Kangal and owned by Achmet Gokay of Kangal a famous breeder and shepherd.  The sire and dam of Filiz were bred by Turan Kangal in Kangal Turkey.  Although Filiz had quite a hard life working sheep for 5 years before coming to Germany, she is HD free with very good hips as of 2006 at 8 years of age.  

This is Filiz's last litter of pups.  We are blessed to have such nice pups from parents with excellent/proven working ability and temperament.  These genetics are worth every effort to preserve.

Turkey.  He is a Purebred Kangal
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