Country of Origin: Turkey

Group: Guardian Dogs (United Kennel Club).

Use today: Guardian, national dog of Turkey

Life Span: 12 to 15 years

Color: Cream to light tan to gray in a sable pattern with a black mask.

Coat: Short double coat, neither wavy nor fluffy.

Grooming: Brush weekly.

Height: 28 to 30 inches for females and 30 to 32 inches for males.

Weight: 90 to 110 pounds for females and 110 to 145 pounds for males. 

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Shadow Wings Farm

Çölü'nde Akarsulari of Shadow Wings 
(Streams in the Desert)
She is a Purebred Kangal Kopegi

"Sula was picked out of a litter that was in the middle of a flock of sheep who were grazing on the plains in Turkey.  She was brought to our farm far, far away from her home and has become a beloved member of our family.
Sula is my son's "girl" and they really do have a very special relationship.  When she sees him coming to her pasture to visit she almost literally lights up.

Nothing can compare to a mans relationship with his dog.
Sula as a puppy a couple of months after she came to live on our farm from Turkey.  Her and Bulan have become best friends and spend their days watching the adult Kangals working...inbetween playtime of course.  :)
Sula and Yaylar working a pasture together...
Or more correctly, resting in a pasture together lol.
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