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There is a mist...

by Darlene on 05/05/11

...That is laying very gently on the land this morning.  The sun is just starting to rise and as it begins to shed its beginning rays of light it reveals that the mist follows the contours of the land...the rolling hills and steep banks.  It hovers in a hushed way, cloaking the details that are contained on Shadow Wings Farm.

I've been sitting here for a while, answering emails, gathering information for a few people who are getting puppies.  As I cross all the 't's' and dot all the 'i's' that are involved in finalizing the details on their puppies, my heart is overwhelmed by the depth of meaning that these Kangal pups hold, cloaked like the midst on the land, behind the usual and customary details of those "t's and i's".

I've never bred any dogs outside of Kangals and Anatolians so I'm not sure if this is the same for other breeds of dogs.  I know for a fact that different types of people love different types of breeds...and I know that my passion lies with these Kangals.  I've had several breeds of dogs over the course of my life and I've loved them all but none of them can hold a candle to how the Kangal Dog grips my heart and I may never know why that is.

I can say that as I walk my own personal journey with these dogs, I continue to be dazed and amazed by the meaning they hold to so many people.  They are a rare breed that most people are unaware of but to the ones that are aware of them, their passion equals mine.

I know that other people that breed these dogs probably feel the same, but I can only talk about the puppies that I breed and the experience I have along the way.

One of my most favorite things to hear from new puppy people is something along the lines of, "oh my gosh...I had no idea...these pups are so much more than we ever dreamed..."

I know.  As good as I am at going on and on about these Kangals, they still remain one of those things that you must see to believe.  Pictures don't ever do them justice...they only give one a glimpse.

I don't know how I became so blessed to pass forward something that means so much to me, but I am so grateful He's given me this opportunity.  When He first opened the doors to this breed I never dreamed I would be doing all I am today.  Sometimes I think it brings a smile to His face to suprise us with such delight...I know that I love surprising people with special things that I know will have meaning and if we're created in His image, than I can imagine He does too.  :)

I'm finalizing the details on a couple of puppies who have some very important destinies to fulfill.  One pup is destined to a 1000 acre ranch where animals and livestock who have been used over and over in scientific experiments by others are given a sanctuary to live the rest of their lives out in gentleness and peace.  These animals are being threatened by predators so the need is great for a Kangal.  Another pup is destined to save the Kangal Dog breed in another country.  Without this pup, they are at the end of the line preserving the Kangal there (their words, not mine).

I never dreamed that when I was first contacted by both these people that there would be 2 puppies that would be destined to play such an important role in other peoples, and other animals lives.  I never dreamed that one of these pups would go on to freshen the genetics in a far away place, giving the Kangals there a fresh dose of DNA and affording many in the days to come the ability to have this special breed.

I certainly didn't know that then, but I do know it now...and as I look outside once again, the mist is just about gone and the details of my land and animals are visible and plain to see.

These mists, that are actually very beautiful, are soon parted by His hand and His plans that have been in place all along, are revealed.

Some day, I want to look at His hands.  We talk about them all the time..."His hand of protection...His hands made this...etc, etc, etc". 

I can't even begin to imagine how stunning those hands must be to have created all this, blessings and all.

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