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The World Will Just Have To Stop...

by Darlene on 04/19/11

Even if it's only for a short moment...

I originally started this blog because I like to write sometimes.  Sometimes I just have this unexplainable 'need' to share thoughts, feelings, perspectives, experiences, etc., that I have from time to time.  I don't know why, but when I put 'pen to paper', by the time I'm done I feel settled inside and move forward again...

This is how it has been for quite a few days now.  The mornings have been starting off with a bang.  I barely get a cup of coffee before I'm required to run 'here or there'.  The days are swamped with pounding things out...the evenings are when I'm trying very hard to wrap the day dinner, making sure all the animals are done for the day and meeting the needs of the puppies who now look to me for everything (at least Canan's puppies do.  Lokum's pups are still very young and completely dependant on her still).

About 10-11pm at night, I'll finally sit down at the computer because this need that has been rumbling in my heart throughout the days continues, but by that time at night, I'm so tired I can barely think much less put a sentence together correctly lol.  So, every night I promise myself that "first thing in the morning before I begin ANYthing, I'm going to write a blog".

I've been making this promise to myself for 5 days now and this morning I'm folding my arms across my chest and stomping my foot and demanding that the world must stop, even if it's just for a few minutes because there is something I want to say.

Canan's puppies are entering their 8th week.  I have the vet's appointment all ready and I'm already laughing trying to envision me and 11 puppies decending on her office, all ready to get their health checkups and first set of puppy shots.  Between you and me, I think she's really enjoying these puppies.  It's a new breed for her so she's slowly learning the unique differences this breed has and merging it with standard protocol for canines.  As I tell her stories about "well, this puppy is going to this home in this place to do this job", she listens intently.  I think she's kind of amazed at all these pups will someday do...whether it be protecting livestock or families and I think she's beginning to understand how these Kangal pups are more than 'just a dog'.

That excites me because nothing makes me happier than helping someone new to the breed, understand the depth of all these dogs possess.

So, next Monday we're going to fill her office up with a bunch of puppies who will be scurrying around, waiting their turn to be weighed and examined, leaving their usual and customary piddle puddles on the floor and watching her staff quickly throw towels everywhere to clean things up.

I will be telling her, as she begins to examin each puppy, a brief history of where this pup will be going.  They're going all over the country and continent and it's fun to watch her eyes get wide and say "wow!".

Now, the purpose of this particular blog isn't so much about the vet's visit we have planned as it is about the new homes that these puppies will be going to.  The last few days as it's been hitting me that "my time" is coming to an end, I've been thinking alot about the new families that will soon have their puppies home. 

I can't help but feel like one of the most luckiest girls around to be able to breed these dogs and to come in contact with some of the most wonderful people and families I've ever met.  Over the last couple of months I've spent alot of time with them in emails and on the phones...beginning to teach them about this special breed, sharing with them stories of experiences I've had over the years.  Sometimes those stories make them laugh, sometimes those stories stun them.  In the process of this interaction, I begin to feel a bond with them.  So often I think, "Geez!  I really like that family...they are such wonderful people!".  I find myself wishing that we didn't live so far apart because it would be so much fun to get to know them better because a friendship...over and above the fact that they're getting a Kangal puppy begins to emerge and that has meaning to me.

I really like all the people who are waiting for puppies.  They are not only really neat people, but very special families too.  So, this is what has been on my heart the past few days...what I've been wanting to write say thank you.  I'm already avoiding the thought of putting puppies on the planes or handing them over to their new owners because it's already choking me up lolol.  There's a balance there however because I know that each puppy is going to be as loved and cherished as I feel towards them, and probably more because these families will get to walk the journey from Kangal puppy to Kangal adult.  It's an amazing journey with its unique twists and turns.  Its a journey unlike any other so I feel very fortunate to pass forward what I feel is a gift.

*happy sigh*

Ok, I feel better now having stolen a few moments before the days rush has begun.  :)

The puppies are fed and are now wrestling and playing with each other.  Their tummies are full and they'll soon go outside to soak up the sun and take puppy naps so that they can continue to grow.  In the chaos of the days, as I'm outside working on 'this or that', I often glance over at the pups.  They always always always put a smile in my heart as I watch them.  They make me laugh and they make my heart feel so proud because they are incredibly beautiful puppies whose destiny is about to begin.

Uh oh.  The man is here to begin work for the day.  I just told him, "just a sec" because I'm bound and determined to post this blog right now...


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