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by Darlene on 03/26/11

What a day!

Yesterday, my oldest son and I ran around planting all kinds of various things I had bought recently...privacy shrubs, cherry trees, peach trees, raspberry bushes, magnolia trees, etc.  The weather report was stating that rain would be our best friend for the next few days so I wanted to get in as much as I could so that I didn't have to worry about watering everything myself.

I went to bed and woke up to thunder and rain.  I got up, made a pot of coffee and stepped out onto the porch to see how everything was doing.  All of a sudden a huge clap of thunder boomed over my know the kind of thunder that you can feel inside because it's so loud?  I decided that being outside was not real bright so I headed inside and sat down at my computer to find that the internet wasn't working.

No problem!  I'll just reset the modem!

3 hours later after being on the phone with my telephone company, we figured out that the modem was fried...probably because of the lightening.  My phone company was very helpful and courteous, acknowledging the hassle of being without internet would bring (actually, they really had no idea lol).  They informed me that they would ship me out a new one for free, sending it overnight and it would arrive Tuesday!  Being that today is Saturday, they wouldn't be able to ship it out till Monday.

Tuesday?  Are they nuts? lol  I have so much going on that there's no way I can handle all I have to do on the internet with my iPhone alone lol.  I thanked them for all their help, sat down and began to think of a Plan B.

Walmart has become my best shopping friend since I moved to the country so my son and I headed out in the pouring rain on a mission.  Thankfully, they had a wireless modem that would work with my internet service.

We then went to my 2nd best shopping friend since I moved to the country...Home Depot, and stocked up supplies to paint my great room.  I've decided that I miss the textured walls that I had in Miami and have been slowly going room to room and plastering the walls before I repaint them.  It's amazing what you can pick up at Home Depot and I never, ever, ever dreamed I would feel happy about buying a new hammer.

How life has changed these past 4 years...

I had planned on having my son paint 1/2 the ceiling in the great room but just as I was about to get everything organized to do so, the excavator stopped by to look at the area I need excavated so that I can build my new barn.  Of course he wanted to hear all about the dogs, so an hour later he finally left, and by then it was time to feed all the animals.

My son thought it would be a good idea to open the Xpen where the puppies are so that they could all swarm out at once.  We were changing their bedding so we needed them out so that we could freshen their little hotel up.  As was expected, the puppies came swarming out in various directions until I started to sweep up all the straw.  THEN they all wanted to sit right in the middle of the pile of straw I had just swept up, scattering it in a million directions again.  Finally, they found Canan  and their desire to nurse surpassed their desire to make a mess so it bought us enough time to get everything set up and then we put them back into captivity in this Xpen hotel again.

I had a treat waiting for them because today was the day it was time to start them on a little solid food.  I had the puppy pans all ready with fresh ground chicken wings mixed with freshly milked goats milk and it didn't take them long to not only find the pans, but to begin to slurp up the goodies inside.  It was absolutely adorable to watch them eat their fill and then toddle off to the side like drunken sailors, where they promptly passed out.  In puppies, full tummies equals nap time...kind of like how my dad is lol (how much you want to bet that I'll either get an email or phone call about that last comment of mine lolol :)  ).

As we finished that up my daughter informed me that the hotwire on the fencing in front of the house wasn't working, so back outside we went, trying to figure out why.  Long story short, the back of the charger had literally blown out about an inch and I guess I'm lucky a fire didn't start.  It wouldn't have mattered, it's been pouring rain all day but suddenly I found myself with a cold fence.  We went and checked the other charger on another fence and it was blown too.  I didn't check the charger on the fence for the pigs because I forgot about it till now (lol) but I'm sure they'll stay put for the night.  Thankfully I have some backup chargers so we got those installed and made a trip to the Tractor Supply store in Murphy, NC because I don't like being without backup chargers for the reasons that happened today.  I picked myself up a solar charger because I've been wanting to try them out.  I bought 2 extra chargers that require electricity, just in case.  The poor store stayed opened an extra 45 minutes while we finished our shopping...I was oblivious to the time and felt bad but they more than earned the benefit of their kindness...we walked out with a ton of things...mostly fence building supplies...another 4000' of high tensile wire and a slew of other things.

We made it home close to 9:30pm just in time to eat dinner lol.  While we ate, I baked some chocolate chip cookies from some dough I had made the other day.  I ate a little, and then made a CCC icecream sandwich...with chocolate icecream stuffed inside 2 cookies.

Ok, I'll admit it.  I made one and ate it, and then made another one and ate that one too!

I finally sat down with my new wireless dsl modem, anxious to write a blog and post some pictures we took earlier this evening.  As I started to write, my eyes were feeling dry (I wear contacts) so I walked over to the shelf and picked up a bottle of eye drops to moisten my contacts with.  I tilted my head back and poured some in my left eye when all of a sudden it started burning like you wouldn't believe.  I realized what I had done and ran to the sink where I began flushing my eye out with fresh, cold water.  It was burning as I tried to take the contact out...the last thing I needed was to trap some of that stuff inbetween the contact and my eye and it was hard to get it out.  I eventually did but if you never knew this before, don't ever put tea tree oil in your eyes.  It's a huge NONO.  *sigh*

I use tea tree oil in the dogs ears once in a while and had forgotten that I had taken an old contacts fluid bottle and put the solution inside.

Suffice it to say that I'm now wearing glasses as I write this particular blog.  I think I've flushed my eye out adequately enough but I'm suddenly tired from the internet for hours, blown hotwire fence chargers, pouring rain with lightening strikes and thunder sprinkled in.

On days like this, it makes those two chocolate chip cookies filled with icecream the highlight of my day.

I think I'm going to go post a few puppy pictures and then crash for the night and get up on the other side of the bed in the morning.


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