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by Darlene on 03/05/11

This morning, Thor came into the house for a little while to spend some time with the family.  He's 2 1/2 now, so he's well on his way to becoming a mature, adult male Kangal.  He's always been a big boy but it's been a while since we've had him in the house...

All my children are son is 6'6", another son 6'4".  My oldest daughter is 5'9" and my youngest daughter is 5'11".  I guess that means I'm the shrimp in the family at only 5'8" lol...

Anyway, when Thor came inside, we were all amazed at how huge he is.  I always talk about how big he is, because he is big lol.  But 'seeing' how big he is out in the pasture is completely different from experiencing how huge he is in the house.  He kept going between my oldest daughter and I...I would love him up until my hands started to hurt (lol), and then he'd walk over to her and she would do the same.  Back and forth he would go, spending a few minutes with each of us over and over again.  As this was all unfolding, all of us commented several times about what a big boy he is.  My daughter informed me that if I ever wanted to rehome Thor that she'd be more than willing to sacrifice (?) and take him home.  Fat chance.  I'm frequently approached by friends and family who offer to take him off my hands.

That'll never happen because his home is in my heart and nobody can ever take that away...

Anyway, as we were standing in the greatroom loving on Thor, I was amazed by not only his build, but his height.  I'm long legged and my oldest daughter is long waisted.  On me, the top of his head came to the bottom of my rib cage.  On my oldest daughter, his head comes to the middle of her rib cage.  Now, I know this is alot of unnecessary detail (lol), but I'm just trying to illustrate this whole situation.

I just remember standing there with him by my side, amazed that his head came so high.  His physical appearance aside though, he is perfect in every way.  He's level headed, laid back and calm...only rising to the occasion when necessary.  I can trust him with any animal or any person (no matter how big or small), as long as they are 'good guys' lol.

He reminds me of the classic guy that everyone loves...great personality, good looks, down to earth, humble, great sense of humor and someone you can trust and count on.

These days, with so much craziness going on in this world, "trust" and the ability to count on something is a rare commodity.  Thank you Lokum and Maverick for producing such a stunning son.

He does y'all proud.

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