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by Darlene on 03/01/11

The puppies are now 24 hours old and I find my heart yearning to just go stretch out on the floor next to Canan and the puppies and watch them for hours and hours.

It's funny how much enjoyment can be derived from just watching every move they make...every sound they utter.

And it's interesting how strongly they pull on my heart, causing me to make sure they each get their fair share of mama's milk.  They already have puffy little tummys that are full.  The beautiful pink color on the bottom of their paws is the prettiest pink I've ever seen.

We had a massive storm pass through her yesterday afternoon.  It caused several trees to fall including a huge pine close to my fencing.  God was good though because it fell parallel instead of right on the fencing, saving me alot of worry of fence damage.  All the animals were ok, which was most important and the trees?  Well, I'll just be a chainsaw princess today.


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