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by Darlene on 03/04/11

I feel like a papparazzi these days.  I want to do nothing more than sit for hours with Canan and the pups, taking a thousand pictures of every move they make because everything they do is just too cute to me.

So, yesterday when I went in there to get my daily photo session fix, I sat down on the floor and noticed that Canan was glaring at me.  I looked at her kind of quizzically, not understanding why she had 'that look' on her face and asked her what was going on. 

She continued to glare at me.

I sat there, going down 'the list' of possible things that could be wrong and marked them off when I decided there was no concern..."she's not sick, she's not thirsty, she's not in pain, etc"...

And yet, she continued to glare.

Finally, I began to wonder if it was because she felt I was invading her space with her puppies, so I tried to assure her that I was only trying to 'record the moment' for historical purposes :) but she contined to glare.

I decided to pull rank on her being that I'm the Queen Bee around here and allowed to do whatever I want.  I lifted up my camera to begin to take a picture when all of a sudden, she leaned her head forward and with her nose, pushed the camera away.

Oh my gosh, I'm so busted.  Word will quickly get out that I'm a "papparazzi to the Kangals" and soon all of my dogs will run when I go out to visit them, talking real sweet to them, trying to capture a 'moment in time'.


Breeding Kangals has it's pitfalls, I guess.


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