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Houston? We have a problem.

by Darlene on 06/01/11

I'm sitting in the screened in porch at my girlfriends house that overlooks the beautiful mountain ranges in eastern Tennessee on one side, and the stunning mountain ranges in western North Carolina on the other side.

I'm at my girlfriends house not only because I wanted to visit.  Not only because she cooked us dinner.  Not only because her daughter and my daughter are friends.

I'm here because my internet has run into some problems and I can't get online at home.


Of COURSE, since I can't get online at home and do alot of things I normally like to do, I suddenly have this great desire to write and post pictures and all kinds of things.  So here I am, at my girlfriend's house who invited us to come over and share her dinner and company, along with her WiFi :), sitting across the table from her, writing this blog as she does whatever she does on her iPad.

She must be one of those girls who can surf the net and talk at the same time.  I, on the other hand, especially when I'm writing, tend to focus very intently on what I'm trying to say.  She keeps interrupting me and I keep losing my train of thought lol.

Then to top it off, my oldest son left today to go back to Miami to start his summer classes for college.  He's been visiting for a couple of months to help out on the farm and just having him around for such a long period of time has made it hard to see him go.  He's an honorable young man, a hard worker and he's impressed all my friends here in the mountains.

If I talk much more about that, the tears that are filling my eyes will spill over and then my girlfriend will want to know if I'm ok and then I'll lose my train of thought once again of where I'm trying to go with this blotchy blog lolol.

Well, I guess I need to remember how blessed I am to have 4 beautiful children, regardless of the fact that they grew up too fast.

I need to remember that a short period of time with no internet is not that big of a deal.  Lord knows there's a million things I could do but I love working on my site.

And as I try to finish up this blog, my girlfriend is talking once again...sharing how much it means to her to be able to help me out like this...to be able to cook dinner for a friend and to offer her home where I can sit for a few minutes and write something like this.  She's sharing how she often offers help to others and most don't take it and how it can be disheartening at times.


Now THAT is something that never dawned on me...that it would mean that much to her to be there for me.

In all honesty, it's been a rough day...one of those 'uphill climbs' all day.  But the above is a beautiful way to end this day.

I'll post pictures of puppies and updates as often as I can over the next couple of days.  The internet people said it will be a few days before they get my internet connection fixed.  In the meantime, my iPhone will be my best friend to answer emails and make the calls that need to be made.

May His hand of blessing flow richly over all who read this blog.

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