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Empty Nest

by Darlene on 07/14/11

Yesterday I spent all day down in the city getting some of Warrior and Dawn's puppies onto their planes so that they could fly to their new homes where loving arms awaited them...

Today, the reality of my 'nest' shrinking hit home.  It's a little quieter...I don't hear the rustling and tustling of puppies playing with each other as often.  When I walk out to spend some time with them, fewer faces rush to greet me with kisses and expectant little puppy faces.

I miss them.   :(

Between 6-8 weeks, their personalities really start to show and I get a really good feel to who they will grow into someday.  I start to bond with their special, unique personality and then shortly after that they leave for their new homes.

Something is wrong with that picture. 

So tonight I sit here thinking about the puppies who have are now with their new families and I daydream about things like, "I wonder what they're doing right now...I wonder if when their new owners walk into the room if the puppies rush to greet them, understanding how much they are loved even though everyone is still getting to know each other"...

It's interesting to feel an emptiness from their absence and a joy knowing they are valued and loved in their new homes...all at the same time.

If any of my puppy families read this particular blog, give your puppy a hug for me and tell them I'm so proud of them.

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