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Creative Ideas vs. Reality

by Darlene on 07/24/11

I must admit, I love coming up with really kewl ideas.

Translating those creative ideas into reality is not always as easy as I initially think it will be lol.

The other day I began to take pictures of a recipe I'm going to share, paying close attention to each step that is taken.  Halfway through the recipe and picture taking the phone rang and it was my youngest son who needed some important information for college.

The phone call ended up taking 1 1/2 hours and long before we hung up I realized it was virtually impossible to talk on the phone, finish making the recipe and take pictures of each step, all at the same time.

For now, I have a completed recipe, a successful phone call with my son, and 1/2 the pictures I need to post that recipe.

Never fear!  I decided to capture a different recipe in pictures!  I'll plan on finishing up the photos for the first recipe the next time I make it lol.

So, I start to make the 2nd recipe, carefully (and hopefully artfully lol) taking pictures of each critical step.  Halfway through the recipe my girlfriend walked through the door needing my help with something or another.  I quickly finished the 2nd recipe without finishing the photographs to accompany it so now I have 2 finished recipes with both only having half the pictures I need to post them online.

I think when I go to do the 3rd recipe I'll park the truck behind the barn, I'll close all the blinds so that it'll look like I'm not home.  I'll turn off the phone so that I don't have to be curious and look to see who's calling and maybe...just maybe I'll be able to not only make a recipe, but get all the pictures I need to post it online lol.

I'm not one who gives up easily though lol.  Since it seems I'm unable to get a recipe WITH pictures completed for my site I decided to do a recipe that takes a week to make.  SURELY in a week I'll find enough time to get all the pictures so that I can present, from start to finish, a completed recipe online? lolol

Check out our Rustic Gourmet link.  We're in the middle of making homemade bacon.  I can almost taste it now.


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