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Amazing Differences

by Darlene on 05/14/11

It's amazing how different these adult female Kangals are when they are in labor, birthing new baby Kangal puppies...

When Canan is in labor and delivery, she's right in my face as if to say, "mom! don't you dare leave me!!!!".  Of course we stay right by her side during the whole process but she definitely is one who needs us to be there.

Lokum is completely different.  When she was delivering her puppies, it was as if she were saying, "Thank you but no thank you, I don't need any help...and I don't like where you put my baby puppy, I want them over can leave now...".  lolol   Ok Lokum, do that thang you do so well lol.

Heidi is very relaxed yet very territorial over her babies.  She would only allow Madison and I to be there, or even enter the room.  If anyone came to the doorway to see how she was doing, she quickly made it known that they were not wanted.

Dawn went into labor last night and it's been amazing to watch her go through this labor and delivery process. She sits there and closes her eyes and pants...focusing somewhere far away as the contractions move another puppy down the birth canal.  This is her first delivery but it never ceases to amaze me how strong their instincts are.  As the puppy is being born, she immediately goes to work, cutting the cord, licking the puppies, getting them squirming and breathing strong.

She's obviously very tired now and was able to get a little rest inbetween delivering the puppies but I'm so proud of her.  She's such an easy going dog and thankfully the deliveries have been smooth and easy.  She is comfortable with us being there and assisting if needed.

These newborn Kangal puppies who are only minutes and hours old at this point in time, are completely unaware of the homes that will fall head over heels in love with them, just because they are who they are, for many years to come.

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