Shadow Wings Farm

Shadow Wings Farm is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of northern Georgia.

We have been building our farm towards a more self sufficient lifestyle and are now blessed to begin to reap the rewards of our labor.  Whether it be farm fresh eggs, raw honey, beef from our Angus cattle, homemade bacon from our Berkshire hogs, goat soap from our Nubian dairy's all been grown naturally and humanely.
Overlooking it all, whether it be family or livestock, are our beloved Kangal Dogs.  We started out with the breed in the suburbs where they did admirably well.  When we moved to the country, they fell right in with the livestock, their instincts and who they were bred to be, shining through from the start.  Through the years, as we acquired more dogs to watch over the ever increasing livestock, we've been blessed to breed and share the bounty of those litters with others who love the breed as we do.  We have been predator free since we moved to our farm...not once have they tried to broach the perimeter of our land.  Occasionally we will see bear in the neighbors land, and we will hear the howls of the coyote at night, but our dogs are on constant alert, and have kept the entire farm safe.

The Kangal Dog is a very rare and unique dog originating from Turkey where they have been used as livestock guardians for literally several thousand years.  Several of our dogs have come from very famous lines of Kangals in Turkey.  One of our Kangals in particular, was purchased from a shepherd who was far out in the pastures with only his flock of sheep and Kangal livestock guardian dogs.  It cost 3 Kangal puppies to replace this one male because his father and grandfather are very famous throughout Turkey for being highly effective against wolves and other predators.  We are very excited to have him and look foward to breeding him this year.

Feel free to browse our site while we're under construction.  There is so much that we look foward to sharing with you, but running a full time farm can be busy so we're working on getting up all the exciting things to share.
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